Basics When Installing Light Room Presets on Your Phone

Lightroom is the new and great way that most people will consider using when editing images from the phone or any other device. There are a couple of reasons that many people will use phones to edit, which has been seen to really play a great role. You can sync images between devices, which can be done with ease; it is a great idea that you need to be considering for the best experience. Are you looking forward to using presets and edit in Lightroom on your phone or iPad? We have a tutorial that would best suit you and what you need to go about it. It will now be very easy for you to edit while on the go; check this guide out.

You will need to learn that there are a couple of ways that you can install presets in Lightroom for mobile. You need to ensure that you consider the best one that will be comfortable for you in the right manner. You need to know that having an active subscription will help you accomplish the best as it really matters so much for you. Check out this website at more info about software.

The first most important thing is to ensure that you download the presets. You must consider doing this step on the computer since no easy way to execute it on a mobile device. You can, however, use a WinZip app that can help you in proper extraction. It will ensure that you have an easy way that you can handle the process with ease. Most of the presets will be zipped, be sure that you unzip the folder before you proceed; it should be done on the pc to have all the files well composed. You then need to upload the unzipped files to the cloud; you may use a feature like dropbox to access a mobile device like an iPad. Be sure to click for more info!

It would help if you then loaded the presets lightroom mobile for iPadat and added the DNG photos. You need to click the three dots in the upper side on the app then click the add photos option; you may choose from the camera roll or your dropbox app, for example. You can now adjust the images in any form that you may be desiring and accomplish what you would be considered as it really plays a great role. Be sure that you check more tutorials here on various other mobile devices and how you can accomplish the experience.